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At what time does the school start?

Try to be at the track soon after it opens at 7:00 AM to give yourself time to complete morning registration and the at-track inspection by the mandatory 8:00 AM drivers' meeting.

How do I know I have been accepted to a Drivers' School?

If you registered during the first two days there is a very good chance you will be accepted. You should be notified three weeks before the school.

But my car has a BMW-factory top and BMW-factory rollbars. Why isn't this good enough?

At a drivers' school, you will encounter speeds that are far higher than those encountered on the street. Recall from high school physics that the energy of your vehicle is proportional to the square of its speed (e.g., your car's kinetic energy at 120 MPH is four times the energy at 60 MPH). This energy must be absorbed by your vehicle's structure in the event of an impact. Structures that may provide adequate protection at speeds normally encountered in day-to-day driving may not be adequate at the higher speeds involved in drivers' schools.

Because we cannot test and therefore ensure the integrity of these structures, we have elected to err on the side of caution and prohibit cars without structural A- and C-pillars from our drivers' schools.

Can I just change the name and use the same account to register someone else?

Change for 2010

Please register using a different username and email address. There are many free email account services.

Can I pre-register anytime?

Change for 2010

No. You must wait to submit your pre-registration form beginning on the opening date.
Although you can edit the form at anytime. Any registration forms submitted past the registration period will be rejected.

Do I have to be a member of the NCC BMW CCA to attend your schools?

No. Non-members are welcome at our schools. However, members pay a lower fee. You will break even at your first school each year and will save money on each school thereafter if you join the BMW CCA. In addition, the club sponsors a wide range of activities other than driving events (including social events, tours, and tech sessions). We would love to see you at those events as well. To join the BMW CCA, see the Membership Information page for details.

Do I have to drive a BMW to attend your schools?

No. Non-BMWs are welcome at our schools, provided they meet the requirements stated on the application form.

Do I have to let my instructor drive my car?

You are not required to allow your instructor to drive your car. However, we do ask that you strongly consider it if your instructor asks. Our instructors will not drive your car for their own amusement. If your instructor asks, it will be for of one of several important reasons: * To give you an opportunity to see the track, properly driven, before having to do so yourself. (Your chief instructor has instructed at numerous tracks for many years but still would never consider attempting to drive a new track without first having been driven around it by someone with experience at the facility.) * To demonstrate the correct "line" around the track. (Many times, a "picture" is worth a thousand words.) * To demonstrate proper driving technique, either overall or on one particularly difficult corner of the track. * To demonstrate common driving mistakes at particular corners and to illustrate the proper corrections. Your instructor will only ask to drive your car if it will aid your understanding and enhance your education and will drive only a small number of laps, at reduced speed, for the express purpose of conveying one of the particular points above. Our instructors will behave professionally and will respect your car and your wishes. If you have any concerns at all, please feel free to discuss them with your instructor; we will not be offended by such questions.

Do you hold schools in bad weather?

Schools are held rain or shine, although the track will be closed if it is ice- or snow-covered. Indeed, you will learn more if the track is wet because of the greater demands placed on driving skill by wet roads.

Do you recommend that I install special safety equipment?

If you're going to be a frequent drivers' school participant, we recommend that you install a roll bar that meets SCCA Solo I standards and five-point harnesses. If you don't have a roll bar, we would prefer that you use the stock seat belts that came with the car. You are required to offer the same kind of restraints on both sides of the car; that is, if you plan to use a five-point harness on the driver's side, you must have a five-point harness on the passenger's side as well.

Do you require fire extinguishers?

We do not require fire extinguishers, but they are a good safety precaution in any car. Our school has no specific regulations on the location of extinguishers. However, our tech inspectors will use these two "common sense" criteria when inspecting an extinguisher mounting in your car: * It must be securely mounted in such a way that the extinguisher won't become a flying hazard in an impact. If the mounting or strapping is loose, we'll ask that the extinguisher be removed for the school. * It must be mounted in such a way that it won't injure the occupants (either yourself or your passenger). If there are sharp edges, something that would cut your leg or your passenger's leg in an impact, we'll ask you either to remove it or to secure padding around it.

Do you teach racing? Is this a racing school?

No. Our drivers' schools are instructional events. There is no racing, timing, or competition. We do not teach racing techniques or strategy. However, the car control skills learned at our drivers' schools will improve your competitive chances greatly should you wish to pursue a racing career in the future.

How am I assigned to a run group?

Run group assignments are made by the chief instructor based on demonstrated speed (at earlier schools) or on anticipated speed (predicted in part by experience level and the capabilities of the car). The objective of dividing students into run groups is to minimize the speed differential among students on the track in a particular session. This reduces the need for passing and the frustration of being caught behind slower drivers or the pressure of being overtaken repeatedly by faster drivers. Instead, you will be able to concentrate more on your own driving, and your day will be more productive as a result. Remember that assignment to a particular run group is not a badge of honor, but is a simple administrative division. You may request a particular run group assignment, but the chief instructor will make the final decision.

How do I correct a mistake on the registration form I submitted?

Change for 2010

Correct the registration form when you mail it in. It is not necessary to resubmit electronically.

How do I get a tech form?

A tech inspection form is available in our Documentation section under Driving Schools. It is also available in the registration packet section of the event. (updated 7/17/2006)

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