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    General Information

    The NCC BMW CCA provides a number of alternatives for businesses and individuals to sell or promote their products and/or services to NCC members.

    Commercial businesses can place paid advertisements in our bi-monthly online magazine, der Bayerische, which provides exposure to NCC's 4500+ members, our full-featured website www.nccbmwcca.org, which receives 2000 unique visitors a month. Commercial businesses may also sponsor a chapter event with banners, or promotional giveaways. Additional forms of event sponsorship include, but are not limited to: catering, table displays and providing event t-shirt with your company's logo.

    Individual BMW CCA members may place free, non-commercial, Classified Ads on our website. To place a classified ad you will need to have a nccbmwcca.org website account.
    In addition, both individuals and commercial business can make in-kind donations to the club in the form of pro bono services or the donation of products and / or services to be given away as event door prizes or as part of a silent auction for charity.

    Please contact us to discuss specific advertising / sponsorship opportunities.

    The NCC website: NCCBMWCCA.ORG

    NCC Website Advertising Rates

    Platinum Package
    $100 per month (image supplied)
    Includes Banner Ad (Top),
    Banner Ad (Right Column),
    and Forum Section Sponsorship
    Gold Package
    $85 per month (image supplied)
    Includes Banner Ad (Left Column)
    and Forum Section Sponsorship
    Silver Package
    $45 per month (image supplied)
    Includes Banner Ad (Right Column)
    and Forum Section Sponsorship
    Main Site Banner Ad (top)
    $75 per month (image supplied)
    Only 1 Available
    Main Site Banner Ad (Left Column)
    $75 per month (image supplied)
    Only 1 Available
    Size 250x400 Pixels
    Main Site Banner Ad (Right Column)
    $30 per month (image supplied)
    Size 150x70 Pixels
    Forum Section Sponsorship
    (Does not include benefits below)
    $20 per month (image supplied)
    Size Approx. 400x40 Pixels

    Packages and Banner Ads Include:

    • Banner Ad added to list of Sponsors on Main Website Page or in corresponding location if premium ad placement is purchased (i.e. Top or Left Column)
    • Company Logo and information listed under Sponsors Page with hyperlink to Company's Website.
    • Name of Company included on all communication emails to members.

    derBayerische Magazine:

    Ad Size
    (2-Month Exposure) (6 Issues)
    Rate per Insertion
    Annual Fees
    Back Cover
    (with bleeds)
    8.375 (+ .125 bleed on all sides)
    8.25 (+ .125 bleed on all sides)
    $650 $3,900
    Full Page
    8.375 (+ .125 bleed on all sides)
    10.75 (+ .125 bleed on all sides)
    $550 $3,300
    Full Page-Inside Cover 7.5 9.75 $650 $3,900
    Half Page
    7.5 4.75 $400 $2,400
    One-Third Page
    2.312 9.75 $300 $1,800
    Quarter Page
    3.625 4.75 $225 $1,350
    Business Card Size
    3.5 2.0 $110 $650
    Classified Ads
    Commercial $30 per issue
    Personal, non-members $15 per issue

    NCC Event Sponsorships:

    Companies wanting to reach the lucrative BMW NCC market have 9 exceptional opportunities to become Chapter sponsors. Rates for these events are very attractive; contact us for details.

    Autocross Genuinely enthusiastic BMW owners plus participants from other car clubs and marques.
    Chapterfest A highly effective once-a-year event drawing a broad cross-section of NCC members and their families.
    Concours Highly-affluent NCC members competing to show their BMWs at their very best, and ready to spend the time and money to make it happen.
    DIY Do It Yourself BMW owners often traveling great distances to learn more about participating shops and recommend them to others.
    Drivers Schools Real enthusiasts with substantial funds set aside to keep their cars in top running condition.
    Karting Skilled drivers, families, and friends who value the quality in sponsor products and services.
    M Club Day Top-of-the-line owners and budgets to keep their top-of-the-line BMWs in tip-top running shape.
    Street Survival Smart BMW owners with the time and money to learn the best techniques for keeping themselves and their cars on the road.
    Tours Top-line NCC group events drawing affluent BMW and Mini owners, families and friends.

    Special Combination Packages

    The NCC offers companies special dollar-stretching advertising discounts for simultaneously promoting their brands, products, and services in der Bayerische magazine, on the web, and at special NCC events. Contact us for details.

    For Detailed Rate Quotes or Advertisement/Sponsorship related questions Contact:
    Advertising Manager/
    Business Development Director