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    League events will be held on Sunday afternoons during the winter on the schedule listed at the link below. Due to the popularity of the League and the limitations of the facility, we are limited to 30 drivers per event. Drivers intending to participate should register at Motorsportreg.com. This will give us and Allsports an idea of who is committed to show up for the 30 spots allowed.Registrants beyond #30 will be shown as on standby, and will automatically move up whenever earlier registrants drop out. Last year, we were able to accommodate [almost] everyone who wanted to race. We will give priority to NCC BMW CCA members over non-members.There's a distinct advantage to NCC BMW CCA membership with the financial support provided by the club and we would like to encourage everyone to join. We will accept non-member participation, but we would encourage participants to join the BMW CCA. Every Monday before a race the following Sunday an email will be sent out simply as a reminder of the upcoming race. If you would like to be added to the email list, please contact Gary Brown, at: garypbrown@comcast.net.
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