• Highway Safety Schools

    These unique driving schools are designed to introduce you to the fundamentals of car control and driving mechanics. All of the activities at these schools are directly applicable to everyday driving. You'll coax your car to do things you never thought it (or you) could do, and, at the end of the day, you'll be much more "in tune" with your car and how it behaves under braking and hard cornering. You'll also be a much better driver.

    Our Highway Safety Schools are conducted on a race track to provide a controlled environment in which to work. On the track, we construct a series of driving exercises designed to provoke certain behaviors from your car. Each exercise illustrates a particular characteristic response of your car to road conditions and driver input. You'll learn proper and improper driver inputs for particular situations. Additional exercises on the adjacent skidpad will allow you to learn the behavior of your car at the limits of adhesion, to detect those limits, and to control your car as you approach them.

    Our Highway Safety and drivers' schools share a number of common features: both focus on progressively building car control skills, both are held on a race track, both involve on-track, skidpad, and classroom sessions, and both offer individualized instruction from in-car instructors. The primary difference between the Highway Safety School and a regular drivers' school is the method employed to build driving skills.

    The Highway Safety School is a low-speed, controlled introduction to advanced driving. After each driving exercise, you have time to discuss your performance with your instructor while proceeding to the next exercise. Most of the participants are attending their first driving school, although we do have a significant number of more-experienced drivers returning to work on their skills in situations more comparable to those encountered on the highway. Many "graduates" of our Highway Safety School will subsequently attend our regular drivers' schools.

    Our instructors are particularly aware that this event is often their student's first driving event. We will encourage you to build your speed through the exercises as the day (and your skill) progresses, but we will never push you beyond your comfort level. We will help you become a better driver at your pace, not ours.

    Our regular drivers' schools focus on developing skills in a more-integrated, higher-speed environment. Instead of discrete exercises, braking, cornering, and accelerating are practiced continuously while driving at speed around the track. Skidpad and classroom sessions focus on the underlying mechanics of your car's behavior and the proper driving techniques for utilizing your car's potential.