• What are some of the benefits of membership?

      Membership in the BMW CCA brings you the monthly Roundel, our colorful, informative 160+ page magazine, many call the world's best car publication. It features maintenance tips, test results of new products and exciting articles about everything from classic "bimmers" to BMW's in racing.

      You'll find dozens of ways to enhance your BMW and ensure its lasting value, along with new gadgets, tools, sounds systems and accessories.

      Technical Service Advisors provide assistance to members confronted with technical questions.
      The Club Library located within the National Office offers a range of BMW related information in a variety of media.

      Many BMW dealerships and independent shops offer discounts on parts and service to BMW Car Club members. Consult the Roundel or an NCC BMW CCA board member to determine details.
      Your membership entitles you to:

      • An exciting, colorful monthly magazine
      • Discounts on parts and supplies
      • Free classified ads
      • Distinctive club decals
      • Driving events including schools at internationally renowned race tracks, autocrosses, rallies, tours, and gymkhanas
      • Technical information and tips
      • Camaraderie
      • Outstanding National Events

      What services can I expect from my local chapter?
      The NCC BMW CCA publishes the der Bayerische bi-monthly to inform about previous and upcoming events. Our chapter hosts monthly meetings, social, technical, and driving events. The NCC BMW CCA also has a strong relationship with local dealers and independent shops, and, as noted above, can assist you with obtaining discounts on parts and services.

      What is Oktoberfest?
      Oktoberfest is our annual, national club gathering including both competitive and non-competitive driving events, technical sessions, vendor displays, presentations, and of course, socialization among club members.

      What is Friends of BMW?
      Friends of BMW is the club's glovebox guide listing volunteer members worldwide offering help to the traveling member who encounters difficulty on the road. BMW Dealers throughout the US are also listed. Friends of BMW can be a real lifesaver and is available from the National Office for a modest fee to members only.

      So how do I join the National Capital Chapter?
      You must first join the BMW Car Club of America. Membership in the National Capital Chapter is automatic if you live within our assigned geographic area. If you do not live in the area, you can designate us as an "additional chapter membership" when applying. Typically, you will start receiving the BMW CCA Roundel within a month, and our local publication the der Bayerishe within three months. Complete information for prospective members is available on the BMW CCA's national website at http://www.bmwcca.org/.

      How do I change my address?
      Contact the BMW CCA national office via email, telephone, fax or mail to inform them about your new address. Be sure to also change your affiliation to your new chapter. Having your membership number in all correspondence is of great assistance.

      What dealerships give discounts for being a member?
      The following lists participating dealerships and their associated price discounts. Please note that this list is subject to constant change. You must always present your BMW CCA membership card before ordering parts or requesting price quotes.

      20% Off MSRP:

      • Russel
      • Tischer

      15% Off MSRP:

      • Northwest

      10% Off MSRP:

      • Towson

      15% Off Dealers List Price:

      • Fairfax
      • Passport

      10% Off Dealers List Price:

      • Arlington
      • VOB
      • Sterling
      • Tate