• Social

    Come join fellow National Capital Chapter members for a bite to eat and an evening of fun and socializing! Our socials are really just "mini-meets"; informal gatherings of BMW enthusiasts.

    However, you must be able to do the following things to "fit in" with us:

    Partake in good food and refreshments;
    Socalize about BMW's.
    Not much more than that folks. Hopefully the requirements are not too restrictive for you!
    There are many events in the Washington and Baltimore area every month (and almost weekly!).
    We currently host three socials per month as follows:

    • 1st Thursday of the Month - Northern Virginia
    • 2nd Thursday of the Month - Columbia, MD
    • 3rd Thursday of the Month - Montgomery County, MD

    We periodically change venues, so check the calendar of events (or see link below) to see exactly where we will be. We carefully select where to hold our socials based on parking accommodations, quality of food and service, and location. We typically meet before the event in a designated parking area to hang out and check out everyone's rides. (Weather permitting, of course!) Socials are great opportunities to interact with other gearheads, track guys, and hardcore marque enthusiasts.

    In order to keep our social program going strong we typically collect a portion of the bill to offset the cost of having our events. (Historically this has been around $10.00 per attendee, but varies at each event.) We ask that those who partake in more food and beverages volunteer more funds to help assist in covering the costs of our social events.