• High Performance Drivers' Education

    The National Capital Chapter operates two types of driving schools: Highway Safety Schools and High Performance Drivers' Education. While the methods of instruction and the target audience for these schools differ, they share a common goal giving you the opportunity to develop and improve your skills as a driver and to strengthen your knowledge of your car's abilities, so that you will be prepared for any situation you may encounter on the highway.

    Our schools are not racing schools. Our focus is on skills, not speed, and our overriding concern is with your safety and that of your car. We select our school instructors very carefully, not simply for their technical knowledge and accomplishments as drivers, but also for their abilities to impart that knowledge to their students in a clear, concise, and professional manner.

    Your BMW is an amazingly capable car. At a National Capital Chapter HPDE, you will be able to realize your car's capabilities, learn the limits of those capabilities under controlled conditions, and practice the skills needed to control your car safely within those limits.

    The primary goal of these HPDEs are to develop and hone your car-control skills. It is not to drive fast, although speed will come with improving skills. We seek to produce not necessarily the fastest, but the most proficient drivers possible. ...

    These unique driving schools are designed to introduce you to the fundamentals of car control and driving mechanics. All of the activities at these schools are directly applicable to everyday driving. You'll coax your car to do things you never thought it (or you) could do, and, at the end of the day, you'll be much more "in tune" with your car and how it behaves under braking and hard cornering. You'll also be a much better driver.

    While you will learn driving mechanics (i.e., how to brake, corner, and accelerate effectively and precisely) on the track, your skidpad sessions allow us to teach car control (i.e., how to correct for loss of adhesion between your car's tires and the pavement). The goal of our drivers' schools is to produce highly skilled drivers, and the skidpad is crucial to our ability to impart car control skills to our students in a safe and effective manner. ...

    Our instructors come from two basic driving backgrounds: accomplished drivers' school students, and successful amateur (e.g., SCCA) racers. Regardless of their backgrounds, our instructors conform to a uniformly high standard of competence, professionalism, and enthusiasm for teaching.

    Summit Point Raceway

    Summit Point Raceway in Summit Point, West Virginia, has three circuits within the facility: the 2.0-mile "Main Circuit," the 1.1-mile "Jefferson Circuit." and the Shenandoah Circuit. The National Capital Chapter holds driving events on all three circuits.

    Technical Inspection

    The National Capital Chapter has arranged with certain repair shops to perform the pre-event technical inspection. Unless otherwise noted, there is no charge for the inspection. Note that most shops will charge you for a brake fluid flush, if required, in addition to any needed repairs. Other shops may inspect your car, but they may charge you for the inspection. To arrange for a technical inspection, please:

    1. Call and make an appointment as soon as possible but at least one week before the event.
    2. Take your technical inspection form with you when you go.
    3. Remind the mechanic

    Directions to Summit Point

    Directions below are given to the track (Summit Point, West Virginia) and to the cities hosting the nearest hotels (Charles Town, West Virginia, and Winchester, Virginia). The track is about 1.25 hours from Baltimore and Washington. Please refer to the regional and area maps below for the locations of the track and hotels relative to major highways and cities. Note that we have no "headquarters hotel", so you must make any desired hotel accommodations yourself.

    Area Lodging

    The nearest hotels to the track are in Charles Town, West Virginia, and Winchester, Virginia. If you prefer, camping is available at the track for the nights between the days that we rent the track. For example, if we have an event on Saturday and Sunday, camping is available Saturday night. Indoor plumbing is available at the track on all three circuits. Showers are available in the Main Circuit paddock and the Shenandoah Circuit.

    HPDE Host Hotel
    Holiday Inn
    147 Foxridge Lane
    Winchester, VA. 22603