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    A "clean-car contest" and car show, where your car is judged by its condition, appearance, and cleanliness. Many events offer several judging classes, from full concours, where the entire car is examined, to "top only," where only the exterior is judged.

    So, you're afraid of this thing they call Concours. "Why should I have some team of judges come around and tell me why or where my car's not clean?" Because it's fun and lightly competitive, and it helps to perpetuate the care and feeding of your beloved BMW! Everybody knows that a well cared for car (both mechanically and cosmetically) is worth more than one that has not been maintained. The following tips should help in several ways. First, it should help ease your tension about participating in a Concours. Second, you may pick up a few tips that will give you an edge if you do decide to participate. Third, you'll have learned how to squeak just a little bit more performance out of your BMW. What, you didn't know that? No one ever told you that by properly cleaning and detailing your car, you effectively reduce weight, thereby redistributing the power-to-weight ratio while lowering the drag coefficient, due to the reduction of "dirt" particles attached to the car? Why do you think race cars are always clean at the start? ...