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05-13-2005, 10:27 AM
:icon_asha :icon_asha *** Will the two gentlemen who came to Mr. Dincer's BMW siite, please contact him ASAP (301-434-8064), as he provided you his only keys to the gated cars, along with the title and keys for a 528e, 633 and 735 and you did not meet him today (or call) and he's afraid he's gravely concerned that he'll never hear/see from you again.... ***:icon_asha :icon_asha

Dear Bimmerheads:

I'm trying to assist a local elderly gentleman from VA/MD who purchased about 20 BMW's to fix up for resale with a local body shop - he made the mistake of buying all of the cars (four 2002's, several 3 series, a 528e, two 633's, a Bavaria, a 733, a 735, etc) first and then his relationship with the body shop went sour.

Bottom line...he has a bunch of cars (some run and look good - lots of spares - bring your own tools to remove) that he HAS TO REMOVE from his lot in the next several weeks or the COUNTY IS GOING TO REMOVE THEM and bill him for the removal services.

Please call 301-434-8064 to reach Mr. Dincer and if asked, advise that I (Richard Mackey) posted this message (he does not have a computer or any pictures).

I'm doing this as a good soul (no commissions or monies to me), as I'm trying to help him out and get those BMW's (or parts) to new homes.


m thrizl
05-13-2005, 01:15 PM
couldnt get through on the posted phone number....would be interested in the bavaria if its a solid car. is the lot in VA or MD?

05-13-2005, 07:23 PM
The cars are near exit 15 in MD on 495.