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01-06-2014, 11:49 AM
Hello NCC Community, I am 6'6" tall and in a relationship with a 1987 528e. It would be an understatement to say headroom is non-existent. It has been suggested to me that I have a racing seat installed; I am incredibly keen on this idea. I want good value for the seat but far more important is attaining the absolute most headroom possible. There are a great many options on the site I have been perusing: andysautosport.com and I would like to know which seat the members of the NCC community would choose to get the results I desire. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and hopefully respond. Be well.

John in VA
01-06-2014, 01:58 PM
Welcome to the NCC forum! I have 2 E28s, but don't have the headroom problem you do. You might pose your question at the foremost E28 messageboard, http://www.mye28.com/. The E28 sports seats might give you a bit more room, but there is plenty of experience on that forum.

01-08-2014, 10:55 AM
I have bookmarked the site and will post to the forums shortly; thank you for your suggestion!