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1996 328ti
11-19-2013, 01:10 PM
Paul Seto, President

As current President, I want to continue leading this amazing organization. My goal is quite clear: that NCC is the largest, most active, and the premier chapter in the world.

To achieve this target, I will ensure that we (1) focus on recognizing the efforts of our volunteers who graciously spend their free time planning quality events and making sure that our members enjoy themselves, and (2) enhance the overall CCA experience so that all can clearly see the value and fun that membership brings.

As President and Chief Volunteer, I ask for your support to continue with these goals and the opportunity to serve the club and work for the membership.

Steven Lim, Vice President

Wrapping up my first year as Vice President, I would like to thank all of the members for making my first year a success. I have done my best to provide the highest level of service to all of the members and our board so that each member considers our club a worthy investment of both time and money. I have leveraged my position as both Vice President and advertising manager to bring in additional ad revenue to close the gap between costs and revenue to a point where derBayerische is almost self funded. This allows funds previously allocated to our magazine to be used elsewhere to provide additional benefits to our members. I hope to continue in my role as Vice President in making our club worthy of your continued support.

David Miller, Treasurer

I have been treasurer for the club for the past 3 years. I would like the opportunity to continue to serve our chapter in this capacity in 2014. I will work with the president and committee chairs to insure a solid financial basis as well as returning value to our programs and members. I ask for your support and vote to continue these initiatives and for the opportunity to continue to serve the club.

Gina Hector, Secretary

My freshman year on the board has been both enlightening and fun. Currently serving as Secretary, I would like the opportunity to continue as record-keeper for the best car club in the nation. I'm asking for your support of my candidacy for Secretary of the National Capital Chapter BMW CCA for the 2014 term.