View Full Version : BMW museum in Munich

06-03-2012, 07:25 AM
Back in my Navy days while on a Mediterranean deployment, our ship had a port-o-call in Trieste, Italy...twice during the deployment as a matter of fact. Tours to Munich, Salzburg, ski trips to Innsbruck and Venice were available. While I could not go on all the trips, I chose the Munich and Salzburg. On the Munich tour, our group toured the BMW museum, in an impromptu way. The tour guide's itinerary has us going to see other places in Munich, but in rained on one day of the tour. So, in the morning hours while we were eating breakfast at the hotel, the tour guide suggested the BMW museum, which was in walking distance. I carried my umbrella in a small backpack with me on the tour. So, most of us went along and walked a few blocks to the museum. I saw many older artifacts of BMW; a jet engine, an earlier model of its motorcycle, what looked like a 750i laser cut lengthwise down the center and one half on display. My memory has faded on the details of the displays in the museum and I am sure there have been changes and additions. If any one here has been there recently let me know what you saw. This was back in the day before the EURO dollar and I used DM to make purchases in the gift shop.