View Full Version : Back up camera install advice?

Messing About
02-09-2012, 08:20 AM
Hi All- A several-pronged question. Having discovered that my 335d doesn't have the best rear visibility I've ever come across, I am interested in installing a backup camera. That seems a little more fun and cheaper than adding full PDC (which looks to be about $2,000). A few questions that I'd really appreciate some help with:

-The cheapest option seems to be BMW's license plate PDC. But is it any good at all? Understandably limited but not expensive.
-Since I have the '09 second-gen iDrive, it seems the popular EAS system will not integrate. I came across the modmynav system, which almost seems too good to be true. Any experience with either or another system I should look into?
-Any suggestions on an installer? I am in Annapolis but would travel to NoVa, etc. if it was worth it.
-Any specific concerns with warranty coverage? My car has the CPO for another 3 years so that's a priority.

Thanks in advance for the help. I'll see if I can make Hanover tonight...