View Full Version : Found a 1987 L6 with 180K - Is it worth buying or should I pass

10-17-2011, 08:06 PM
Found a L6 for sale for cheap ($1200). I have yet to take a look at it but it has 180K. Cosmetically it looks good, but it hasn't been driven regularly in the last year. From the owner's description, it sounds like it has issues with the power steering pump, and the rear AC doesn't work. Do you think it would be worth taking a look at and potentially buying, or are these cars money pits once they get to this point? Anyone have time to take a look at it with me this weekend?



John in VA
10-18-2011, 10:46 AM
The M30 engine is usually reliable, so not much of a concern at that mileage. The 6er-specific parts can be difficult to find/pricy, but the bulk of the car is the same as an E28 5er. If you've purchased/owned older BMWs you know of the $2K rule, so factor that expense to bring the car to baseline into your purchase.
There are many E24 owners posting at http://www.mye28.com/, and, as I mentioned, the mechanical bits are the same.
The E24 is one of BMW's loveliest designs - good luck!