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Never Enuff
10-04-2011, 09:40 PM
I have to warn you if you ever need any repair work done in Northern VA, Washington DC area, avoid First Choice Body Shop in Arlington, VA.

Long story short, I had a minor fender bender on my 4 week old (still pristine) loaded Saphire Black BMW 335d. A lady put her car in reverse instead of drive and backed into me at a drive through.

Based on recommendations here and elsewhere, I took the car to First Choice Body Shop in Arlington VA. I made arrangement the week before for them to order the parts they needed in advance based on their assurance they could get the repair done sooner, then dropped the car off Sept 6.

It still took them 2 weeks to get the repairs done, but upon my inspection I found that while in their possession a scratch in the passenger fender appeared out of nowhere. Of course First Choice denies any responsibility, even though I have pictures to show the fender was perfect when I brought the car to them, it still needs to be repaired so the lady's insurance company agrees to pay to sand and paint the fender.

Another 2 weeks go by ( 4 full weeks total) and I finally get the call my car is done. I have been driving a POS Dodge Charger and can't wait to get my BMW back!

Much to my disappointment, there are swirl marks all over the hood, and all over the fender. Not only that, the paint on the fender is smudged and scratched and just looks like it was done by a total amateur.

Ray of First Choice Body Shop seems to have lost his eye sight as he refuses to acknowledge anything but the swirl marks even though I point out all the fine scratches and smudges clearly visible in the attached photos, and much easier to see with the naked eye.

Ray of First Choice Body Shop tells me swirl marks are normal, and he can cover them up, but they will come right back when I wash the car. He tells me that what he has done is as good as any body shop can do, and he won't do anything else besides just buff it again.

This is without a doubt the worst paint finish I have ever seen, even Macco and Earl Shieb do better work than this! Hell I painted a trailer outside of my house a few years ago and it looked ten times better than this. For that matter, I have seen better rattle can jobs!

Look at the minor damage to the hood and ask yourself how on earth it can take any reputable body shop a full month to make the repair?

Then look at the after repair photos and ask yourself would you accept this quality of repair on your brand new $57,000 BMW?

Please do yourself and your friends a favor and consider this disaster before even thinking about using First Choice Auto Body Shop in Arlington, VA.

Any thoughts about mitigation remedies?

Any other comments???

Here is the damage:


Here is the repaired car.




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10-05-2011, 08:25 AM
It looks like it was the buffer guys 1st day.BTW, it shouldn't have needed power buffing, if the clear coat was clean.