View Full Version : Professional Auto Body, Inc. - thumbs up

Jim Dunlap
09-22-2011, 08:04 PM
Interlagos Blue 2005 M3 coupe w/significant rock (via lawn mower) damage to the aluminum hood's power dome. Add this to several year's of front end damage from road, track and autocross events. Based on the recommendation of Gary at Martin Motorsports, Inc., I let Professional Auto Body, Inc. in Alexandria (on South Pickett) repair the damage and re-paint the hood, a mirror and the complete front bumper. They did a perfectly matched paint job: color, texture...that completely restored the damaged panels to "as new" appearance. And...the car was finished on time, as promised. I was VERY pleased. The shop doesn't appear as "slick" as some of the bigger "collision center" facilities...heck, you can see the workshop from the lobby, walk back to check your car, and there's no cable TV or free coffee machine. But what really matters?? Free drinks? No. I'd say: results. I'm happy.