View Full Version : Advice on buying a BMW X5 vs. Acura MDX

09-05-2011, 11:13 PM
I am researching a longer term (first priority) 4X4 and have been looking at the 2001-2006 X5 and 2003-2005 Acura MDX. Performance is secondary in this case.

Your feedback is welcome especially those who have:

--Looked at both vehicles or can advise me on buying a 2001 with lower mileage (65k) versus a 2006 with higher mileage (135k).

--Real world experience with maintenance cost between the 4X4 and xDrive will be appreciated as well.

--Any year to avoid all together

--Any good info for this X5 newbie

I drive relatively few miles (~2,5k) a year as I mostly ride my 2 motorcycles to work and on weekends all year round. (Yes, I do wear heated gear.)

My other ride is a 1995 840ci with 160k miles which I can keep maintaining and nto pursue the X5 as an alternative or replacement. I actually got home ok in the E31 during the last winter's heavy snow fall. Fifteen year in Chicago taught me well.

Thanks for your thoughts in advance. I can offer lunch or a case of beer as a barter!

09-06-2011, 07:53 AM
MDX has significantly more interior room for people/storage if that is a factor. I have a 2002 X5 4.4i with 125k and running strong. Maintenence isn't too bad, but the transmission in the V8 seems to be hit or miss. Mine was dying at 90k miles, flushing it pretty much destroyed it. If you get a low mileage one, I'd flush at 40k or 60k intervals to ensure it keeps running. I have 4x4 and haven't had any problems at all with it, although front wheel bearings need to be changed soon (pretty common).

When I first got it, I spent a lot of time on xoutpost.com (formerly x5world) where there is all the info you'll need from maintenence to mods. When this e53 dies, I may look into a used e70. Its a little bigger and gets slightly better MPG (i struggle to get 16). Avoid the early years of the e70; too many electrical gremlins.

09-06-2011, 03:30 PM
Thanks for the tips. The storage is not critical and nice to have. I will check out xoutpost.com.