View Full Version : New to the club, but not to the cars

09-05-2011, 10:47 AM
Hello everyone! I finally decided to join the club after many years of ownership and working with/on BMW's. I love these cars and we currently have 4 in the family, one for every driver.
I am still fumbling through the setup of my profile! I love the track days with my 540i6 and my daughters are going to try a FATT day (530i and Mini Cooper)!!! My wife is fast enough in her 545i SMG (according to her). I am looking forward to the Summit Point event Oct 1-2. Any pointers will be appreciated!
I started working on European cars back in the 1980's as a painter/ restorer of these fine cars. We opened our own shop 13 years ago after doing consulting for the autobody industry and traveling up and down the East Coast.
My first BMW was a 1983 320i that I bought at a tow yard auction back in 1988. What a great car with a 5 speed. I sold it and bought 2 older 320i's that I was able to make one out of and sold it the same day that I painted it!! We then bought a 325es that we ran for over 287k miles and then sold to a friend who drove it 100k more before selling it again. Then came the 530i for my wife which has now been passed down to my daughter to get my wife the 545i.

I absolutely LOVE the 540i6 and track it and drive it as often as I can!!

09-05-2011, 01:39 PM
Welcome!! Instead of FATT, why not our drivers school at Summit? I truly believe our schools give way better Instruction and focus more on learning and safety.