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08-13-2011, 10:56 AM
Glad to be back ! I first joined BMWCCA back in 2000 after purchasing my father-in-laws E36(1993 325i.) I loved that car, but decided I wanted a little more hp. Sold the 3 back in '08 and shortly thereafter I purchased an '03 540i with the Six Speed M Package. I added a a few upgrades to the car; suspension (Bilstein PSS Coilovers), SS Kit and Euro Hella Headlights. Just two years ago I purchased a 1986 325es from an original owner. This car is in incredible shape. Some of you may have come across this car in the July/August issue of the der/Bayerische - or if you happened to attend the Deutsche Marque Concours that was held this past spring in Vienna, VA. I was completely taken by surprise when it took first place in the Modern 80's class. That award inspired me to step it up and take on some additional projects. Since then I've added a 3.46 lsd w/conforti chip, SS Kit, replaced the cracked dash and knee bolster, changed the wheels(16" Borbet Type B Mesh) and will be converting the headlights(euro-smilys) here in the near future. Anyways, enough from me. I'm looking forward to meeting other enthusiast's, and planning to attend the Shenandoah Vineyards Concours in Edinburg, VA on September 10th.
Hope to meet a few of you there.
Happy motoring. :)

08-13-2011, 08:06 PM
welcome back! hope to see you at a chapter event soon