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07-17-2011, 06:24 PM
In May I took the BMW two-day driving course in SC. I did it to see if I really wanted a BMW and what model would fit me. I had a blast and discovered a 1 series or a 5 series fit me best. A new 1 series would fit my budget and it won hands down for fun and ability to "use" the whole car on the street. Yes, the M3 rules the asphalt along with an M5. Back to the 1 series, the drawback is that I need four doors. The 5 series gives me the four doors and the comfort of being able to sit in the DC/VA/MD beltway traffic jams. I felt more comfortable in the 5 series over the 3 series down in SC. So within the next few months I will be watching this forum to see who and where I can get a used 5 series because my budget can't handle a new one. Thanks.