View Full Version : EMERGENCY Tire Problem!!!

02-20-2005, 01:44 PM
Lost one of my winter tires – something hit an inside wall. Replacement is on order but don’t expect it until Weds-Thurs.

I put both regular tires 18” on the back. Have the 17" winters on the front

I’ll stay off the highway…but should I turn off DSC or anything?

330 CiC 2003.


02-20-2005, 06:27 PM
This reply is way out of date, but in case it helps someone out.... Since your car isn't all-wheel drive, you don't need to turn off the DSC if you've got equal diameter tires on the rear. DSC kicks in if one of your rear wheels starts spinning faster than the other one. I don't believe that DSC takes into consideration the speed of the front wheels in relation to the rear.

Nick325xiT 5spd
02-24-2005, 03:15 PM
Just remember that in the snow you'll have wild oversteer, and in the dry wild understeer. Otherwise, leave DSC on and just be careful.

02-25-2005, 12:26 PM
It ended up ok. I "discussed" the situation with Michelin. Pilot Alpin 205/50-17 winter tire no longer made. Sending me a 65% rebate on all four tires. New winter tires all the way around!