View Full Version : VA Emission Inspection

07-13-2010, 09:41 PM
My car had check engine light coming on and off and I do plan to properly fix it but since I barely drive the car these days I haven't really had a chance to properly fix it so that's a different story for a different time.

I need to have the emission inspection done before the end of August so last Sunday I cleared the error code and went to the closest inspection station. The guy hooked up her OBDII reader and said that he couldn't read my car's computer. He printed a letter the header reads "OBD REJECTION FROM TESTING FORM". It says "the On-Board Diagnostics system is not ready to make a determination regarding the condition of the pollution control systems on the vehicle". What does this mean? did I take it to the inspection station too fast? I have only driven the car for less than 5 miles since then and the code hasn't come back. Is there a minimum number of miles the car must be driven before it can be inspection for emission? I'll probably drive it to work one day (about 40 miles round trip) and if the code doesn't come back try to have it inspected again. As I said, I'll fix whatever is wrong I just want to have it inspected first so that I have ample time to do it since I don't drive the car daily anymore. Thanks in advance all.