View Full Version : I need a volunteer MD Brewer's Oktoberfest Oct 15

1996 328ti
02-04-2005, 09:07 AM
This will be the year I learn to delegate.:icon_joy:

I need one person to contact these people and coordinate a chapter event.
Their website does not have any links working.

I put this on the calendar for Oct 15.
We need to know if we can have private parking.
Discount tickets.
Make it into a car show.
Whatever other ideas you may have.
It sounds like it could be a fun day.:icon_drun

Other responsibilities will be to write something up for the upcomingevents section in the dB. Due no later than July 21. Have someonetakepictures and do a little event writeup of the event. Due Nov 21.
Also to answer questions from people planning to attend.

I think we can make this a yearly event.