View Full Version : VIR 13-Hour SCCA Race Results

11-07-2009, 05:53 PM
I know, the race was a week ago.

The race started in the rain, it dried out, and then had to be cut short at 12 hours due to lightning and heavy rain in the darkness. I don't have all of the names, but here are the top BMW finishers. The Bimmerworld ITE E36 325i of Jason Marks, James Clay, Dave White and 2 others was first overall and first in class. They covered 282 laps (922 miles) and did not come close to the fastest lap time.
Other BMWs:

3rd - locals Ted Giovanis, Carlos Roncajolo, and another (ITR E36 325)
5th - Ohioians Bill Sarran, Scott Hughes, Brian Wade (ITR E36 325)
8th - Sri Haputantri and others (ITR E36 325)
10th - Chris Hughes, Ron Checca, Larry Wright, Scott Hughes (ITR E36 325)
14th - locals Ron Willis, Teri Willis, Dave Toy (ITS E30 325)