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06-22-2009, 09:10 AM
This past Saturday we had our sixth DIY event, our first one at Intersport Auto in McLean, VA. Charles Murphy and his excellent staff welcomed our DIY participants in performing various maintenance tasks on our vehicles.

We had the pleasure of working alongside our fellow car enthusiasts, the Porsche Club of America. We are looking forward to future DIY events at Intersport Auto, when we hopefully return next year.

We encourage all attendees to add their thoughts to this thread.

Thank you,

Your DIY #6 coordinator

06-22-2009, 05:31 PM
Apart from getting maintenance done on my better half's SUV, seeing the variety of porsche's was kind of a treat. Got to see a 997 GT3 in the air on a lift, the entire under body is covered by a series of aerodynamic panels. Too cool!

Thank you Oscar and Intersport Auto for hosting us.


06-22-2009, 07:09 PM
Many thanks to Intersport Auto of McLean, VA for hosting DIY #6 last Saturday. All their staff were extremely helpful and friendly, and several NCC members accomplished some tasks they had been needing to do for some time.

For me, I was able to change the thermostat, radiator hoses, and coolant on my silver GLT Turbo, and also perform an oil & filter change. Murgetroid Murphy struck once again, since even though I carefully positioned one of the largest coolant catch pans I've ever seen under the car, some of the old coolant found a path to the floor. Aside from a green mess, no harm was done.

PCA Potomac shared space with us for part of the day, as two of their chapter's highly experienced tech inspectors efficiently did a pre-Watkins Glen drivers' school technical inspection on a wide variety of Porsche machinery. Best as I could tell, the two chapters' folks were enjoying the opportunity to interact with each other.

Once again, a big thanks goes to Intersport Auto and their welcoming staff. Also, a tip of the hat to our own Oscar Benitez, who performed his first full NCC DIY Coordinator duties flawlessly.

Intersport Auto is at Tyson's Corner on Spring Hill Road, just off Route 7, and is very much worth a visit if you are in the vicinity!

Alan :tongue: