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Saw a similar one on bimmerforums

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On another note:
I agree with the OP there, you would think in a dragging economy that people in this business would be busting their ass for work. Most people are not getting extra stuff done to their cars right this moment, so why are specialty/luxury shops putting people off?
I can think of three examples right off the top of my head.

-///Marine had his ///M6 outside for a week (gee, hasn't it rained just about every day for the past week?) waiting to get his front airdam repainted. Went and rescued it today, since they obviously weren't going to do anything in a reasonable amount of time...
-I have a classic Mini getting worked on, it's been in the shop over a month, and only in the past couple weeks after I got VERY assertive on the phone and basically told them that I would NOT be recommending them, has it made progress. ... and this is NOT cheap work.
-A Race shop in VA has a rear subframe for my E30 at their shop. It's been there for over a week now, called for an update today, haven't even looked at it, they've been slammed with one lap of america and a race at VIR this weekend. I'm sure they're pros, and luckily I don't NEED the subframe this moment, but it would have been nice to get an update.