View Full Version : BMWCCA Club Races at VIR

04-14-2009, 12:08 PM
This past weekend over 50 BMWs participated in good weather for 3 days of racing on the full course at VIR. Only a hand-full of National Capital drivers were there.

The car of the weekend was the RRT-prepared wide-bodied E36 M3 driven by the father-son team of Andy and Bryan Watts in the C-Modified class. Bryan won Friday's 12-lap sprint race by 8/10ths of a second over James Clay who was driving Steve Bassen's 6-cyl E30 M3. In Saturday's 1-hour "enduro" Brian established a new Club Race VIR lap record at 1:58.480, but had to settle for second place. The winner was the IP class car of Vern Anderson and Californian VJ Mirzayan. They started their mandatory 5-minute pit stop just before the pits were closed by a full-course caution. This "golden pit stop" gave them a big lead over the cars that had to stop under a green flag situation. Papa Andy Watts won Sunday's Sprint race over Steve Bassen. The official race timing and scoring equipment crapped out after seven laps for no apparent reason, so even though the cars continued to "race" for many more laps, the results are only official through 7.

Our Todd Brown was 3rd overall in Friday's race with his beautiful blue D-Modified E30 M3, but did run the rest of the weekend.

In I-Prepared Landsdowne's Wayne Moubray Jr was 5th Friday, 4th Saturday, and didn't finish Sunday after losing oil pressure. Silver Springs' Eric Wong's IP M3 didn't finish Friday after a tire exploded exiting Oak Tree. He shared the car with Dave White in Sunday's race and was 3rd in class, and 4th in Sunday's sprint.

Dennis Pippy from Manassas drove his J-Prepared class E30 M3 to 3rd in Friday and Saturday's races, but was 4th in class on Sunday. In all three races he barely beat Tarheel chapter's Shane Gunn.

Ex-NCCer Jason Briedis took first-in-class with his Spec E36 325 both Friday and Saturday, but had to settle for 2nd on Sunday. There were eight Spec E36s competing. It is good to see this class is continuing to grow.

RRT had their newly built Koni Challenge E90 328i on hand. It was suffering electrical gremlin's throughout the weekend and did not complete any of the races. They now suspect it might have to do with the required "kill switch".