View Full Version : Financing snafu at Passport

04-03-2009, 09:25 AM
So I get this great deal at Passport on my 09 328i, trade my car and take a bath (which I figured), but what I didn't count on was having their finance department over pay my previous auto loan by $4K...YES, you read correctly. This was just the beginning of my nightmare. With 0.9% financing we didn't want to put any money down so we instructed Passport to mail us a check for the $4K. When no check arrived three weeks later I called their finance guy to get an update and that's when I found out they had sent BB&T way too much. No big deal, I thought, I'll just contact BB&T and have my money in a jiffy. I can't tell you how many stories I got between talking with Passport and BB&T. I'm a pitbull when it comes to taking what is rightfully mine so I quickly became their worse nightmare. I finally got my check on April 1st, but since Passport took so long to send BB&T the payoff I accrued another $45 in interest, which I fully expect to get out of Passport by way of a FREE detail. To top it off, I left a message for Passport's general manager Jay Klein to call me - that was on March 30 - and I yet to receive a call back from him.

Based on this experience, I'm not sure I feel comfortable recommending Passport as a place to buy your next BMW - perhaps if you have no trade things would go smoothly. :mad: