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03-14-2009, 09:42 PM
Lads (no registered women today),

The DIY Committee would like all attendees to comment on today's DIY #3 at Convenience Car Care in Manassas, Virginia. For the first time, we established a "mutually agreed & comfortable" individually posted Time On and Time-Off the Lift sheet for each participant, with mixed results.

Please use this space to give at least a brief comment, complaint, or brickbat to let us, the Sponsor staff, and other NCC members know your thoughts on today's DIY. Please remember that in many cases this thread is the only opportunity for the CCC staff to gauge their success in attempting to provide you with a first-class DIY session. [Also please remember that anyone in the world can access your words, so thanks for speaking with courtesy.]

Your input will be used by the DIYCom for future DIY improvements, and your input (either + or - is OK) may be used for 'credit points' in breaking ties as to attending a limited size future event.

Your faithful DIY program chair,
Alan :tongue:

03-14-2009, 10:46 PM
This is the most wonderful experience I had with my e46 better than driving at 120 MPH.
I love this session.
All the guys are really great, this is my first session amazing to see everyone ready to help, replaced front control arms and bushings along with wiper blades and trunk roundel.
Alan u rock.

Thank you
Krishna Balam

03-15-2009, 08:49 AM
This is my second DIY at Convenience and I've got to give a plug to the garage. Over the past two DIY's I've worked with Dan and Timmy and they both went out of their way to be helpful, taking the extra time to listen to all of my questions, and even providing some hands on assistance. These visits have been really good opportunities to learn, dispelling for me some of the mysteries of proper car maintenance. Convernience is an impressive shop, and I will look forward to coming back.

03-15-2009, 12:59 PM
:biggrin: I'm an old DIY stallwart and always enjoy the experience at Convenience Car Care; Timmy and crew are always hospitable and the DIY committee as always did a good job planning and executing this session. My job didn't entail the use of a lift for my the majority of the time. I replaced the VANOS seals on my E46. It took about five and a half hours. Thank you Timmy, Convenience and The NCC DIy committee for an excellent event. See you at another DIY in the future.

03-15-2009, 01:35 PM
I enjoyed the experience of seeing so many different BMWs and meeting their owners. Although I didn't get to get onto a lift, rest assured I'll be queueing up early for lift time at the next event. I hope I was able to provide some assistance (and not too much distraction) to those I was "helping". Thanks to Sam for letting me poke around under his E46 M3 to see the process for several jobs I'll need to do upcoming, and Krishna for letting me poke around his front control arm job on the E46... yet another thing I'll need to do. (Although just bushings, and not the whole arms).

The CCC staff was helpful and fun, and I will definitely be rewarding them with some paid service in the future for the few things I'm not comfortable DIY'ing. The chapter program seemed well organized and I appreciated the bbq lunch greatly!


03-15-2009, 02:44 PM
:) Once again, Tim's group at CCC is the greatest. My wife had lost her "favorite" scarf there ,as a guest ,at her first club event. This was 2 months ago. Guess what; they still had it. That is what you call, "Integrity".
A great turn out of some bright and shiny new faces to dirty up ,plus the "usual suspects" . It seems that I always get the lift for Dan "The Man" . He points and I click. Always very helpful, as is the entire staff. I also got a kick out of the "hurry the heck up " sheets that were posted on our cars. Did they work ? I wonder how many of us were finished within the alloted amount of time ? ( I wish to declare that I was done well within my time limits) Any one else ? Perhaps this can become a competiton for certain types of jobs....hummm.
In my last comment , I had suggested a posting on the Web site of the jobs that people were planning to do at the DIY. Other members seem to like it, as did our coordinator as he used it ,to a certain extent. He just forgot to post it on the Web site. Per his request, this is the reminder. Thanks again to our coordinators (for takeing on the headaches), our "usual suspects" club members ,and the wonderful staff at CCC. Looking forward to the next event. See ya !

Ethan Blank
03-16-2009, 09:24 AM
This was my first experience at a DIY, and my first time working on a car in a very long time. I had concerns about my inexperience and having all thumbs on both hands, but everyone there went out of their way to pitch in.

From registration through the day itself everything was handled perfectly, from Alan handling all my newbie questions to Dan and Timmy getting under the hood to resolve my problem (the ignition wiring sequence on my Miata was messed up, Timmy had been thinking blown rod, leading to some accumulated sweat on my brow as some might have observed!).

I was particularly glad that the club and CCC were flexible in allowing my son to tag along, he really enjoyed the experience and learned probably more than he wanted to.

I will definitely plan to attend the future DIYs, there are no shortages of projects in my future. This is just one more outstanding element of membership!

I am going to definitely consider CCC for any non-DIY work as well, I was speaking with Timmy about a roll bar for my Miata (some of you may have seen the Miata in the back, which was having a roll cage installed).

03-28-2009, 12:09 AM
I point out to others that DIY is my form of gardening. This is a way to share ideas with club members on how to repair bimmers. CCC staff is outstanding and helpful on my first DIY working on the bimmer but my 2nd DIY visit. I am looking forward to next DIY so I can help others and at the same time got your work done. This DIY is a good selling point to get new members into the club. Lunch served by the club is great too.

See everyone at next DIY