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02-05-2009, 10:28 PM
I am a new member, so I hope I'm addressing the forum correctly :). My 335i was less than 5 mo old when I had a failure of a 'high pressure pump' early December (I still have received no real explanation of what that is ... yes I need to purchase a manual!). The engine almost choked to death before I got it to Fairfax BMW service that day. It was replaced but in January I discovered oily residue in my garage. The motor oil level maintained the max until this week, where it quickly went to 75% of max. The car has less than 4000 mi on it and is not really driven hard. I took it in to Fairfax BMW today but I'm really suspicious of the previous service being sloppy in that earlier replacement.
Two points: Are high pressure pump failures common in new dual turbo engines, and should I be suspicious that the earlier job messed up a seal somewhere? I had a 2000 328i previously and the engine was almost totally carefree (occasional thermostat probs only).

02-05-2009, 10:54 PM
fuel pump failures are pretty common; had mine replaced a year and a half ago. once BMW changed the vendor, fuel pumps now seem to be fine.

not sure about the oil leak, but wouldnt you know it, i may have one too. i'm not losing much oil, but i'll probably have it checked out too. its not a common problem for these cars to leak oil to my knowledge.

Ethan Blank
02-06-2009, 07:45 AM
I had my High Pressure Fuel Pump replaced on my '07 335i recently at Tischer. No problems since.

There are some members I spoke with (can't recall who exactly) had their HPFP replaced more than once. The problem is well known to BMW.

No oil burning/loss issues yet, I will keep a closer eye on this now.

02-09-2009, 10:33 PM
An update on my 335i -- Got it back today from the dealer service.
They kept it over the weekend because I think they didn't want to risk any damage from the oil leak while they waited for parts to arrive ...today - 3 screws!

The work was listed as "3869 High pressure Pump screw coming loose wp R&R air box and throttle boot." "Replace bolts for high pressure pump."

Although the dealer would not admit to it, I think my earlier suspicions were born out that their tech who replaced the HPFP in early Dec 08 did not sufficiently secure the screws around the new replacement pump. The oil had been seeping out into the splash guard in Dec-Jan and finally got worse last week. The car had not otherwise been touched since I got it in Aug 08.

I hope other members can benefit from my experience, knowing that even though replacement/ recall of HPFPs is a well-explored issue these past years, there are still local dealer techs who can't execute it properly