View Full Version : Anyone watch "Radical Sabbatical" last night?

12-20-2004, 10:34 AM
It's a TV show on "Fine Living" network about people that quit their jobs to pursue their dreams, like one episode featured this guy that gave up his sales job to become a professional Poker player.

Last night's episode titled "Racecar Driver" featured this young successful guy that went through a bad divorce and it made him decide to pursue his dreams of becoming a professional driver (not club racing or autox).

They showed him going through the steps of importing a new 911 GT3 Cup Car, hiring a race crew, trying to attain sponsors, etc. To get at the initial starting point to get him to Watkins Glen put him $500K in the hole with everything I just mentioned.

And at one point he almost ended this venture on the first race when it rained at the Glen and he had just missed a 6 car pile up.

If you guys get this channel, it's a really neat episode.