View Full Version : Shenandoah Circuit - June 7 & 8 - PCA Potomac DE

05-27-2008, 05:05 PM
Note, it really is a 2 day event and price is for 2 days. Subscription is running painfully low in the upper run groups for the upcoming Shenandoah event. We need drivers in White through Red run groups, particularly instructors. To that end, the first step in improving subscription is to open up the event to other marques; hence, the post here. That also means that if you are a PCA instructor and your car happens to be broken or you don't want to drive your incredibly stiff suspended cup car on the Shenandoah; but, you would like to drive your m3, 135I, WRX wagon or your Audi S4, now is your chance. We have Waitlists in the instructed groups so we can not make that offer to Green or Blue.

Instructors $100/non-Instructors $225

If you are interested in participating please make your intentions known as early as possible. Reply by email to Charlie and me -- DERegistrar@<hidden> and DEChair@<hidden>


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