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03-01-2008, 02:47 PM
My baby recently sustained a significant amount of front end damage. Some jerk decided he wanted the parking space my husband was parking in more than we did, and backed his full size van into my poor M3, then lied to the police and insurance company and told them that we hit him. Anyway, had the car towed to Wagonwork in Alexandria. Geico has now informed us that the car is a total loss at about $14K in damage, according to the estimate from Wagonwork. We've been arguing with Geico on a number of fronts about this, but in my last conversation with them, they told me the car probably wouldn't have been totaled if I had taken it to BMW of Fairfax. Does anyone know how true that is? I know Wagonwork isn't cheap, but I can't imagine that BMW of Fairfax would be much cheaper. Personally, I think Geico is just trying to deflect some of my wrath elsewhere, but I wanted to see if anyone else had a similar experience.


Sarah, a very heartbroken former M3 owner

03-01-2008, 03:46 PM

Chances are what would have happened at BMW of Fairfax is they would have come in with a lower estimate than Wagonwork but in the end when the discovered unseen damage the bill would have been higher and a total if they had ever started work on the car.

You do not want to drive a car Wagonwork said was a total. There was probably enough structural damage that the car would never be right again. They are honest and the only body shop I trust. Most if not all the others are in bed with the insurance companies yes even Springfield.

And there is always unseen damage even at Wagonwork. and then you would have to fight with Geico about using used or non OEM parts on your car at BMW of Fairfax. Wagonwork will not use them and doesnt price their estimate that way. Did you really want to drive your M3 again with substandard parts from China, Indonesia and South Korea that would compromise the safety of your car. The body gaps would be awful and do you really want a used untested suspension part in your M3 or a third party radiator.

If both you and your hubby witnessed the accident than it should be his fault for your insurance company. Cops couldnt do al ot first because it was probably donut break time and second the accident occured on private property.

Make sure GEICO does a charge back to the other guy's insurance company. If you dont your insurance rates will skyrocket.

Typically companies like GEICO, Allstate and State Farm will go out of their way to discourage you from using Wagonwork if telling you that you will have to pay the difference between their bodyshops and Wagonwork.
Don't believe it.

You may want to consult an attorney.

Dave Apker and the collies

03-01-2008, 09:02 PM
holy crap...$14k damage while in a parking space? did he get a running start to hit you that hard?? that seems really high for a parking lot hit.

wagonwerkes is REALLY expensive. there are other places that do great work that don't charge near what they do. what year is the m3? maybe it is a lot of cosmetic damage that wagonwerke is charging big for that someplace else would not..like springfield autobody. i would be surprised if a parking lot incident resulted in any serious frame damage. it is probably just a bunch of body panels....not a big deal. if you really like the car, it may be worth getting another opinion....

03-01-2008, 09:27 PM
We were actually on 14th and Penn. in DC when the accident happened, getting ready to parallel park it in front of the J.W. Marriott there. We had stopped and were reading the signs to make sure we could park there and he was stopped about 2 car lengths ahead of us. We think he decided to take the space and didn't bother to look back. He was flying backwards when he hit us. Cops came and wrote up a police report, but since he lied, the report is just a he said, she said. There was one witness and he gave us his name and number; however, when Geico contacted him, he refused to give a recorded or sworn statement. He did tell them that we were stopped and the other guy hit us, which Geico said is enough for them to determine that we're not liable, but it's not enough for them to go after the other insurance company. Turns out, the van was a rental and he wasn't the one who rented it. It's a mess.

Sad thing is, we'd just gotten it back from Wagonwork 3 weeks earlier, after having similar damage (but only(!) $10K worth) fixed. They do excellent work, which is why I didn't hesitate to bring it back there. There is NO structural damage and no suspension damage. The mechanical damage is mostly limited to the radiator, compressor, airbox and related assemblies. Almost all of the damage is cosmetic. Hood, both fenders, bumper, all the lighting (all the lighting we had upgraded with after market parts from Umnitza) and ALL the miscellaneous little bits and pieces in between.

03-02-2008, 08:47 PM
if that is all it is, get another estimate. or, take the total, buy the car back for pennies and get it fixed somewhere else. all the damage you listed is just bolt on parts.

if you just give it up, there will be a waiting line of folks who want the car to fix or for the value of all the undamaged parts....

03-03-2008, 08:47 AM
Also remember if you decide to fix it to collect diminished value from the insurance company. You M3 will not be worth as much since it was in an accident either as a trae in or if it you sell it yourself.

Very few bodyshops in the DC will do a good enough job for the insurance money to return you M3 to its pre accident condition.

And remembr if you decide to fix it has to be done with BMW parts only no non OEM crap or body panels and components from Asia or whereever.

Takel the money buy a few herding pups and then get a old Land Rover.

Dave Apker and the collies