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11-09-2004, 11:27 PM
Brian Hair has agreed to coordinate a go-karting league (or series of weekend gatherings) and we need to know who wants to participate.

Format is for 8 sessions of various types of racing (Heat race, Gran Prix, or Team Racing). Cost is $65 per session (with half payable up front - you pay the second half of each session as you run).

His latest email on this topic is:

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Sent: Tuesday, November 09, 2004 2:09 PM
Subject: BMW Karting League

Hey everyone,
I was dissappointed with the number of people that responded, but I agree that doing a weekday thing would be difficult considering the distance and time necessary to travel for everyone. I work a few miles away and with traffic at 6 PM, it takes me 20 minutes to get there! So let me try again, and see what kind of response I get this time.

I spoke to Francios, the owner of Allsports, and he said maybe we could work out a league on the weekends. Now I am going to get flooded with email responses, well that's what I am hoping for. We discussed a starting time of 10 or 11 AM on Saturday or Sunday, and lasting 2-3 hours. How does this sound with all of you. Looking at a calendar, I figured we could start as early as December 4th or 5th, and run into March, meeting every other weekend. Are Sundays OK with everyone? I mentioned the cost was a factor, but he assured me that it would be well worth it. Some PCA guys complained at first, and then felt like it was such a deal, paying half price each time. "Half-price psychology, works every time!" So who is in? Again, send all messages to me at 16paws@<hidden>, and brian@<hidden>.

This league would be open to anyone, BMW CCA members or non-members, though we would encourage you to go ahead and join the Club. It would also be a great way to keep our skills sharp and compete wheel-to-wheel with those we autocross and race with regularly!

Thank you,
Brian Hair