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07-22-2007, 03:46 PM
...Okay, so there probably aren't any rumors about me (except that one -- I was young and I needed the money, and I've moved past that point in my life). :icon_nerv

As for the other rumors, I'm pleased to confirm that, after a full year of being on an unintentional "sabbatical", I have not one, but two jobs. :icon_weir

Last week, I started as the Assistant Director of Duke University's Center for International Studies, running, amongst other things, the University's upcoming Masters in International Studies program (which is ironic, as I only have a BA). :icon_danc

Far more prestigious, I have accepted an in-exclusive offer from Apple Inc. to sell computers the benefits are many (20-hour weekends, long weekday evenings and the lowest pay rate since I was a junior in high school). But that's what nearly 12 years spent, amongst other things, as an Apple-affiliated developer gets me. (And, no, I don't qualify for a free iPhone.) :icon_redf

One I'm thrilled about (especially considering it's a perfect fit for my resume), the other is just to try an replenish the engagement ring and racing/drivers' school budgets. Guess which is which. ;)


My much-anticipated return to racing may not occur until October, or 2008. (I'm sure the official press conference announcement will be aired live on ESPN and SpeedTV.)


I've pretty much avoided looking at the site over the past 5/6 months... what'd I miss?

07-24-2007, 06:06 AM
I was wondering what happened to you. Looked for you at CMP and VIR, looked for you here and at bimmerforums... I figured you either moved away or had some sort of LCE. The latter seems to be the answer.

Anyway, welcome back! Maybe we'll see you and your SpecE30 at Summit in August?

07-26-2007, 10:38 AM
At the moment, I still don't have a tow vehicle (looking at a V8 4Runner or Ridgeline), can't take any vacation/sick/discretionary days (not that I have any) until October 12 (90 day review period) and the race car needs track maintenance.

August is doubtful. The October NASA-MA date may be do-able, if they let me take part of the 12th off to drive up. Otherwise, Scuderia Smith will not return to racing until 2008 (with off-season testing at Silverstone and Magny Cours, with the potential of an appearance at the world-renowned Jefferson Circuit in October).

The LCE, BTW, was the move from NoVA to NC -- I figured finding a job would be easy, with my qualifications -- it turned out that I was overqualified for most jobs and too young for others (or so it was strongly implied).