View Full Version : NASA MidOhio Recap & Videos 7/14-7/15/07

07-21-2007, 10:39 PM
My videos:


Sat I had intermittent ABS issues. Yes yes, I knwo I should be driving without ABS, but I love stabbing on them as hard as I can :) Ultimately this led to a spin in the middle of the carousel. To make things worse, the battery died and I couldnt restart the car. Leaving me parked in the middle of the carousel.

Sun: Much better. Had a nice battle going with Jaime F. until I had to defend a little against Christian... Cayman blew motor/lost coolant after passing me and a SE30 blew a motor (I saw something come flying out from under his car). This eventually led to many offs (dunno if it was from Cayman or SE30) and a double yellow. Everyone bunched up and thought it would be a perfect opportunity to battle Jamie to the end, however, the race finished under yellow :(

Enjoy. As always comments and critiques are welcome.