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06-29-2007, 11:35 AM
On another thread I posted a question about changing a vehicle based on information I found on these boards that actually conflicts with what is shown elsewhere on our site. In the FAQ for Drivers Schools under registration it says:

"A race car meeting the above criteria (e.g., a showroom stock car or club race car) would be acceptable at our school. We will attempt to be accommodating in the definitions of "street-legal" and "quiet," but we reserve the right to enforce these requirements strictly if your participation with a non-complying car would be detrimental to your instruction or that of your fellow students."

Elsewhere on the Driving School Registration page it states:

"Cars must be insured, street-legal, quiet, and must have passenger seats. Functional, securely attached lap and shoulder belts are required for both front seats. The front seats must have equal restraint systems available (e.g., if the driver has a five-point harness, the passenger must have a five-point harness as well)."

The info I found on the boards said:

"At the November 2006 Drivers' School Steering Committee meeting, we had a long discussion about how to apply the concept of "Equal Restraints" for both driver and instructor. I hope everyone knows that NCC requires equal restraints for both driver and passenger, and understands the rationale for this rule.

It was generally agreed that equal means the same. It was also agreed that the seat is part of the occupant restraint system. So, a race seat for the driver, and a stock seat for the instructor, is a definite no-go at NCC schools.

In situations such as David Ortiz' car, where the seats are comparable but not exactly the same model or width, this would be up to the chief instructor to make sure that we are providing equal safety for the instructor. As Steven suggests, contact Bill Shook for definitive guidance.

Speaking from personal experience as an instructor with an E36 M3,
I have found the CG lock, used in conjunction with stock seats and belts, to be quite sufficient for all purposes other for a dedicated race car. I don't see the point of aftermarket seats in a street car, especially if the seats that are being replaced are E36 M3 Vaders.

-Roy Morris
DSSC Chair"

Basically, had I not searched the boards I would have shown up at the drivers' school in a car that I would not have been able to use even though it meets the requirements as stated on the Registration page and the FAQ.

I am not trying to be a pain and can't even say I disagree with the steering committees decision, I just think that these changes and/or clarifications should be reflected on the registration pages where most people will go to register.



06-29-2007, 03:49 PM
I think the rules are saying that IF your showroom stock or other club race car (1) is street legal and insured, (2) has equal seats and retraints, (3) does not exceed Summit Points noise limits it would be acceptable. That is just how I interpet the rules, but I suggest you contact the registrar and/or chief instructor to get an official ruling.

06-29-2007, 04:59 PM
That is how I understood it to be also. Since I have another vehicle already to go I am not too worried, but I will bring the question up at the school so that we can get a clear answer.

Then again, I may be reading too much into this :wink: