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04-28-2007, 08:44 AM
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Drivers Rhett Hubertus and Terry Sayther, with chase car driver Phil Hartman (not shown), race-prepared a $400 BMW 325 beater and finished seventh overall, first in class, in the three-day Chihuahua Express.
Longtime BMW CCA member Terry Sayther ran the Chihuahua Express, a three-day open road race in western Mexico the weekend of April 21, as preparation for the summer 2007 24 Hours of LeMons race (yes, LeMons, not LeMans). The racecar: a 1988 E30 325i bought for $400. </p>Terry Sayther with Rhett Hubertus and Phil Hartman, BMW CCA
April 23, 2007
Sunday, April 22, Chihuahua City to Ojinaga at the Texas Border (and back) -- It’s the last day of the race. Our clutch is failing. It engages at the top of the pedal travel, typical of worn out disc behavior. But amazingly, once it engages, it seems to stick tight. Additionally, I am sick. I awoke early with a nasty headache which has not let up. I am feverish and my stomach is not happy. Press on regardless, they say..

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