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04-26-2007, 08:21 PM
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Posted by: oxfordGreenGoblin

Description: Set of 4 SSR GT3 rims. Fair condition with no obvious bends / out-of-round issues. Ran smooth when I took them off for a set of Style 37s.This is a staggered set - 9.5" in the back and and 8.5" in the front - and are meant for E39s. They may work on other cars but I would verify the bolt pattern etc. I had 265/35s and 235/40 tires on the rear and front with these wheels.Unfortunately the clear coat is peeling in spots and there is a bit of curb rash but they are great 10 footers. If you have stock 16" rims on your E39 I guarantee these rims will make a world of difference.Pics are of the front wheels. Pics of rear wheels coming next week... need time to clean em up.

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