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04-22-2007, 07:36 PM
Follow longtime BMW CCA member Terry Sayther’s report through the weekend in his $500 racecar, preparing for (by racing in Mexico) the upcoming 24 Hours of LeMons. Yes, LeMons, not LeMans. Check back for more from the Chihuahua Express, a three-day open road race in western Mexico, the weekend of April 21.
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Terry Sayther with Rhett Hubertus and Phil Hartman, BMW CCA
April 21, 2007</p> Saturday, April 21, Chihuahua City to Divisadero, Copper Canyon –There are some highly experienced road racers here and this morning I asked some of them for help with a problem I´ve been having with our car while racing. It seems that while fully suited up with Nomex racing uniform and gloves on, I´m having trouble with the small size of the electric window and AC buttons. You´d think that their greater experience would have lead them to a cure for this simple problem, but they were not helpful.
Today´s events spanned 11 hours of driving. Here´s a typical slice of that time. We start by transitting: driving on public roads at something like normal speeds along with regular normal traffic. This trasit stage ends at a checkpoint where we are given a time to write down.

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