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04-14-2007, 09:11 AM
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Posted by: Robert L Cage

Description: E30 Super Eta 2DR repainted 95 Chrysler Minivan Light Royal -Blue Satin Glow (PPG#4568). New medium gray BMW seat covers. Second owner car purchased in 1995 at 110,438 miles. Both owners Non-Smokers. Premium package, Power Windows, Multifunct Clock, Power Sunroof, AM/FM Cassette, Alloy wheels. A/C converted to R134a. Car maintained by York Automotive entire second ownership. Engine rebuilt by same at approx. 170,835 miles while Ed won the ITS SCCA championship in an E30. Current mileage 239,043. Oil change every 3000 miles with filter using Mobile One Synthetic before and after rebuild. Uses no oil. Runs like a scalded bear, but never tracked. Md inspection. Contact Bob at bobc502003@<hidden> or 301-829-0450 anytime. Mt. Airy, MD $4500 obo.

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