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03-25-2007, 03:37 PM
Steve Dinan of Dinan Engineering and Car and Driver Editor-in-Chief Csaba Csere chatting at Techfest Saturday. Dinan was to hear shortly his engine helped the Sigalsport team win the Miami Grand Prix; Csere was the club's keynote speaker.(Klaus Schnitzer photo)
Mike Self, BMW CCA
March 24, 2007</p>Tacoma, WA (Day Three) -- Saturday's the fullest day for TechFest 2007 and it's going to be a long one. Workshops from 9 'tll 5:30, and then the wrap-up dinner with Csabe Csere of Car and Driver. More rain today; I was hoping to get a glimpse of Mt. Rainier while I was here. Maybe Sunday, before I leave.
First seminar session: I was on with 45 minutes of rust horror--how our beloved older Bimmers rust, and how to keep 'em from rusting either initially or after you've made the repairs. Luggage size and weight restrictions meant I couldn't bring my entire collection of rusty parts for show and tell, but I did bring some, along with pictures showing what happens when the tinworm attacks. Not a pretty sight.

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