View Full Version : Jefferson 500 • May 20, 2007

1996 328ti
03-14-2007, 07:36 AM
We need one volunteer, to oversee the BMW lunch and corral at the Jefferson 500.
The food will be provided by The Bavarian Inn. Done.
The tent, tables and chair rental has already been reserved. Done.

What we need is for someone to keep track of those attending.
Contact with the Bavarian Inn with the head count one week prior.
Saturday, stake out our areas for food and parking.
Meet the tent rental company.
Sunday, meet the Bavarian Inn when they arrive.
Monitor those who are parking in our area.
Contact our treasurer for payment of the bills.
With any luck you can organize this event the following year. :)

If we can have one or two people oversee just one event, we'll be in good shape.
With +5600 members, this should not be a problem.