View Full Version : BMW 8 Series owners celebrate on Russian River wine tour

03-12-2007, 08:30 AM
Occasionally the busy roads of the Russian River area cleared and afforded a chance to wring the car out, albeit briefly. Here, Steve Cohen’s 860. (Bill Howard photos)
Bill Howard, BMW CCA
March 5, 2007</p>SANTA ROSA, CA - The search for information on maintaining BMW’s 8 Series super-coupe of the 1990s helped build regional owner groups, an active online community of more than 1,000, and in California, a weekend gathering and tour of wine country. At the eighth Annual Russian River Wine Barrel Tasting Tour (ARRWBTT), more than 100 owners and family members turned out to celebrate what many people believe is the best-looking BMW since the 507 of the 1950s.

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