View Full Version : BMW, Microsoft speakers on TechFest current, future technology panel

03-11-2007, 08:29 AM
Current and future BMW telematics technology such as the recently announced Google Maps will be focus of a panel at TechFest March 22-24.
March 10, 2007</p> BMW has been at the forefront of telematics systems and driver-assistance systems including lane-departure warning systems and Night Vision. A key panel at TechFest 2007, March 22-25 in Tacoma, examines the present and future of telematics, BMW-style. Panelists include Dr. Bernardo Lopez-Alvaredo, head of BMW's Technology Office in Palo Alto, concentrating on forward-looking automotive research, and Parag Garg, who is a program manager at Microsoft's Windows Automotive group. The moderator is Jonathan Spira, who covers the field for Roundel and bmwcca.org.

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