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03-06-2007, 02:17 PM
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Posted by: WNNAM3

Description: Thinking about SCCA Club Racing or want to do a HPDE and not take any chances with your shiny daily driver? Well for about the cost of a set of race tires (OK, maybe 5 or 6 tires) you’ll have the use of a SCCA legal ITB VW Golf GTI racecar to complete your driving school or event! PMF Motorsports, LLC will deliver your rental race car to Summit Point, VIR or Nelson Ledges and take care of everything except the driving. All you’ll need is your safety gear.We accept reservations for Driver's School for novices; MARRS races, HPDE, PDX, Track Days, Seat Time for the more experienced shoes.Interested or need more information? info@<hidden> or call (703)919-7837 and ask for Dave.

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