View Full Version : BMW adds USB option for music players, USB memory keys

03-02-2007, 02:58 AM
Jonathan B. Spira, BMW CCA
March 1, 2007
BMW’s new $400 USB option allows attachment of iPods, other music players, and USB keys containing music. It’s factory-order-only, for the 3, 5, and 6 Series plus X5. It’s not a dealer retrofit accessory.
BMW now offers a new car buyers a USB option for connecting music players, including Apple iPods, as well as USB memory keys with music. It’s a factory-order (only) option for the 3er, 5er, and 6er, as well as X5. BMW will continue to offer the dealer-installed Interface for iPod (iPod only) for existing cars with the MOST (fiber optical) bus as well as the original iPod adapter for I-Bus cars. The new option costs $400, which is at least $100 cheaper than the installed price of the dealer-install adapter. The price includes the adapter cable necessary for the iPod.</p> To get the adapter, make sure you specify the USB "6FL" option (6FL is the order code) when you order the vehicle. It is not marketed as a dealer retrofit item. The USB port is located next to the AUX-IN plug (which accepts an industry-standard 3.5 mm audio jack). In the 3er and 5er, for example, you’ll find it in the center console.

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