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1996 328ti
02-05-2007, 09:27 PM
We have over 5600 members, surely we can find a dozen members willing to spend a little time to host one event. What we are looking for are people to host one event during the year.

Social Events

Baseball Games
Monthly Dinners
Jefferson 500
Holiday PartyTechnical

Tech sessions
SpeakersDo-It-Yourself Workshops

Keep track of reservations using web form
Note what work is to be performed
Arrange schedule
Arrange for food
Keep in contact service facility
Writeup for the der BayerischeTours

Select a destination
Map out a route
Create a set of route instructions

Street Survival

Secure facility
Work with Street Survival Foundation
Recruit instructors

Executive Board
The board is not leaving. We'd like to see others step up next year.


The president shall preside at all meetings of the chapter and of the board of directors. The president shall briefly report the actions of the board of directors to the chapter. The president shall supervise and coordinate the duties of the other officers. The president shall be the chief spokesman for the chapter in all dealings with the public and with BMW CCA, Inc. The president shall nominate the chapter coordinators and chairpersons for all committees and may recommend the dissolution of any committee or the removal of any chapter coordinator or chairperson at any time. All appointments, dissolutions, or removals shall be implemented by a majority vote of the elected officers.

The vice president shall assist the president in the performance of the latter's duties and shall act in the President's stead in the event of the President's absence, disability or disqualification. The Vice President shall be responsible for overseeing event scheduling and function as the liaison between the board of directors and event organizers.

The secretary shall keep full and complete minutes of all meetings of the chapter. At these meetings, the secretary shall be responsible for ensuring that full compliance with the bylaws is maintained. The secretary shall be responsible for notice to the membership for all annual and special meetings and shall be responsible for maintaining all past minutes of the chapter.

The treasurer shall have custody of all moneys, debts, obligations, and assets of the chapter. The treasurer shall be authorized to make normal ongoing disbursements as required to operate the chapter. Extraordinary disbursements shall not be made without special authority from the elected officers . The treasurer shall keep the chapter's books of account on a calendar year basis beginning January 1. The treasurer shall give a financial report at each regular meeting of the chapter and of the board of directors. The treasurer shall have custody of the past financial records of the chapter.
Chapter Coordinators


The membership coordinator is responsible for maintaining an up-to-date roster of all classes of members, notifying the president and the editor of the chapter newsletter of any changes, deletions, or additions to the membership, or any change in address or telephone number. The duties include sending out promotional literature and membership applications to prospective members and encouraging new and established members New members page in the der Bayerische. New members' party.Technical

The technical coordinator is responsible for scheduling tech sessions and writing technical articles for the chapter newsletter. The technical coordinator should be available to provide advice and assistance to the membership on technical matters. This coordinator may vote only on technical topics. Social

The social coordinator is responsible for organizing parties and social events for the membership, and for advance publication and post-event write up for chapter newsletter. This coordinator may vote only on social topics. Web

The webmeister gathers and edits material and assumes responsibility for the chapter Web site, subject to direction from the elected officers and any promulgated guidelines. Material specifically related to an event or activity must be reviewed and approved by the coordinator responsible for that activity before posting to the site.

02-07-2007, 12:31 PM
PM Sent. I'd like to help out with the FunKtion Auto DIY day on March 3! :biggrin: