View Full Version : Question about 650 body materials

TK Kelly
02-02-2007, 11:36 AM
I'm new to the CCA although I've had several BMWs over the years - most while living in Germany for 8 years.

I recently bought a 2006 650Ci. As with all 600 series today, nav is standard. I also have satellite radio. However, no antennas are visible on the surface of the car. I have asked a number of people who work with BMWs (Advantage Certified AG, BMW of Sterling, and a number of sales reps at the BMW booth at the car show last week) where the antennas are located for the nav and sat radio. The most common answer is, "I don't know".

I spoke to one guy at the car show last week. He told me the fenders and trunk are made of a composite called SMC, and that the spoiler built into the trunk lid is where the antennas are located. I went to the car show the next day, and a different group of guys were working the BMW booth. I was asking this time about what SMC stood for. None knew the answer to my question or had even heard that the trunk was made of composite material.

I'm looking for confirmation that the first guy I asked at the BMW booth had it right and to see if anyone knows what SMC stands for or where I should look for the answers.

Looking forward to meeting people at one of the upcoming social events.