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01-22-2007, 09:50 AM
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Posted by: JayJ

Description: 1984 BMW 533i, Original OwnersMy father bought this 533i new in October 1984; I have the original purchase receipt and have been driving it myself for the past four years. It’s a 5-Speed manual transmission, Delphin Gray with Cherry Red leather interior with limited slip differential option. It has 207k miles and has been an incredibly reliable and wonderful car. It always starts easily, runs and shifts smoothly and has been serviced regularly. The only mechanical issues are the A/C no longer works and it does leak a small amount of oil. It passed VA safety and emissions inspection last week. The car is complete with its original toolkit, jack and owner’s manuals.I replaced the TRX’s with 16” wheels from a 2000 E39 and installed Kuhmo tires. There is some splitting of the front passenger seat but other wise the interior is in perfect condition. The exterior has some rust on the left front fender and windshield pillar area. It’s hard to let this car go since it’s been with us for over 22 years, but I just bought a newer BMW and don’t have the time to give it the TLC it deserves. I’d like to find someone who will care for this car as much as we have. Asking $1995.Please feel free to call me at 703/282-7076.

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